Imagine a world where Baptists, Jews and Episcopalians come together to help meet a critical need in the Nashville community – serving the homeless. The Boulevard Bolt meets that need with a long tradition of serving Nashville’s homeless community. Proceeds have been used for such vital projects as:

  • Purchasing backpacks with “street survival supplies” for homeless youth

  • Helping pay for laundry facilities at a homeless shelter

  • Adding a hot breakfast to services provided by a local soup kitchen

  • Operating a truck to deliver meals to the homeless on the streets

  • Supporting “safe nights” in a 24/7 shelter for homeless victims of domestic violence

  • Supporting a chronic disease program for local medical clinic serving the homeless

  • Paying for electronic health records for a mobile healthcare van serving the homeless

         ….and many other much needed services

All Nashville agencies that benefit the homeless are invited to apply for funds from the Boulevard Bolt. Each year an allocations committee with members from each congregation determines the priority for funding.  All monies received above race costs are donated to the selected agencies each year.  The three congregations receive none of the money and in fact donate their space and resources each year.

Since 1994, we have donated over $3 million to the homeless community in Nashville.


All Nashville agencies that benefit the homeless are invited to apply for funds.  Official instructions are included on the application - no exceptions will be made.  please follow the link below to apply for 2018 funding. 

The 2019 grant process is now closed.

The GRANT DEADLINE for 2019 was june 30!

in 2018, the Boulevard Bolt will award the following allocations:

Allocations list for website.jpg